When you shoot weddings and are planning a wedding at the same time, it’s amazing how you’ll notice little things here and there that you want to incorporate into your own planning.
Ivana & Nate’s wedding was a little different — in that I was like “I want like ALL of this”. This wedding was chock full of amazing refined elegant, yet rustic and fun, details — I was losing my mind.

I was so lucky to be able to second shoot this wedding for Richelle Hunter of Richelle Hunter Photography. This girl is legitimately a creative genius (and I am so insanely happy she’ll be shooting our wedding in November).

venue: Windemere Manor House | primary photographer: Richelle Hunter Photography

Ivana & Nate 1

Ivana & Nate 2

Ivana & Nate 3Ivana & Nate 6Ivana & Nate 4Ivana & Nate 7Ivana & Nate 8Ivana & Nate 9Ivana & Nate 10Ivana & Nate 11

Ivana & Nate-0199

Ivana & Nate (1 of 1)

Ivana & Nate 15Ivana & Nate 12Ivana & Nate-0973


Sarah & Baxter’s wedding was truly a party from start to finish. These two were so full of love and fun, it was impossible to not get swept up in the energy of their day.

I had the absolute pleasure to second shoot this wedding for Karyn Melfi of Karyn Louise Photography. Karyn is not only a brilliant and beautiful photographer, but an incredibly lovely person.

venue: Ancaster Mill | primary photographer: Karyn Louise Photography

Sarah & Baxter Social MediaSarah & Baxter Blog Post-01

Sarah & Baxter-1261Sarah & Baxter Blog Post-02Sarah & Baxter Blog Post-06Sarah & Baxter Blog Post-05Sarah & Baxter-1527Sarah & Baxter-1531

Sarah & Baxter Blog Post-04

Sarah & Baxter Blog Post-03

Sarah & Baxter-1380

Sarah & Baxter Blog Post-07

Sarah & Baxter-1587Sarah & Baxter Blog Post-08

Sarah & Baxter-1676

Sarah & Baxter-1711

Sarah & Baxter-1726

Sarah & Baxter Blog Post-10Sarah & Baxter Blog Post-09

Sarah & Baxter-2027

A few months ago I had the incredible chance to pop on a plane out of Toronto and head down to the Caribbean (for the first time ever) to shoot two weddings in the Cayman Islands.

Sabrina & Matthew were my second wedding of the trip, and they seriously finished things off with fireworks. Their wedding was the perfect fusion of island chic and nautical elegance, with navy and cream tastefully featured everywhere. Sabrina brought the entire day together and managed to look like the iconic Audrey Hepburn in her effortlessly timeless satin gown and romantic up-do. It truly was a lovely day.

I was so lucky to be able to shoot these images alongside Rebecca Davidson Photography, a british bombshell babe photographer absolutely killing it in the Caymans! Check out her work here.

venue: Pappagallos | shoes: Badgley Mischka | stationary: minted



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It’s clear that Katie & Jay are the kind of people that embody Canadian summer. They met in Halifax while both attending Dalhousie University and are getting married in Muskoka at Jay’s Family Cottage (on an island!) — they’re chill, happy and heartwarming.

There’s often an expectation that engagement photos are sappy, awkward and staged — capturing a version of a couple that doesn’t really exist. I can promise you, the looks these two are giving each other could not be more genuine. Hanging out in a park near their home in west Toronto (where Jay regularly goes on runs), the goal was to capture them as they are. (albeit in a beautiful setting).

So meet Katie & Jay, and make sure to stay tuned for their wedding photos at the end of July.


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